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Pea Colors




Available colors (best viewed on a computer screen -- not mobile!):  
1) Imperal (December)*  
2) Prussia (September)  
3) Tahiti (December Alternate)  
4) Alice (March...  
5) Pine (May)  
6) Stormy  
7) Grass (August)  
8) Snow (June)  
9) Daybreak (November Alternate)  
10) Dawn (November)  
11) Shell (October)  
12) Martin (February Alternate)*  
13) Violet  
14) Thistle (February)  
15) Orchid (October Alternate)  
16) Chocolate  
17) Sangria (January)  
18) July  
19) Blossom (January Alternate)  
20) Charcoal   21) Diamond (April)  
22) Heron  
23) Amethyst (+$1) available paired w/ Bedazzling or on their own (please order as Jade Sweet Peas and indicate that you would prefer Amythest)
24) Sea Opal (+$1) available paired w/ Bedazzling or on their own **NOT AVAILABLE IN ANGEL SIZE**
25) Jade (+$1) available paired w/ Bedazzling or on their own **NOT AVAILABLE IN ANGEL SIZE**
26) Miracle Pea (not to be paired with any other peas but Miracle Peas as they are smaller!) **NOT AVAILABLE IN ANGEL SIZE**
*Imperial and Martin are almost identical and I do not recommend pairing them together in one pod.





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