Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly does an order ship once placed?
An order is typically shipped out within 5 business days of placement. However, i
f you order during a busy time (Mother's Day, Christmas), my turnaround time can be as long as 7-10 business days. If you need something faster, I now offer a rush service to move your order to the front of the line and ship it out within 24 hours of order placement. Please note that this only affects how quickly the product(s) ship out, not the speed of shipment once the package has been mailed. If you are needing expedited shipping as well, please feel free to email to make special arrangements.

Does a pendant come with a chain?
No. Pendants and chains are sold separately. When ordering a pendant, you will be given a drop down option to add a chain.

Can more peas be added to my Sweet Pea later on?
Unfortunately, no. Once a pod is complete it cannot be altered.

Can I see what certain colors would look like together?
Yes! Please email me at and I'll be happy to snap a photo or two so you can get a feel for what a combo looks like.