FAQ and Legal

How quickly does an order ship once placed?
An order is typically shipped out within 5 business days of placement. However, i
f you order during a busy time (Mother's Day, Christmas), my turnaround time can be as long as 7-10 business days. Feel free to email me at amy@mamabssweetpeas.com if you need a rush order. I am happy to accomodate!

Does a pendant come with a chain?
No. Pendants and chains are sold separately. When ordering a pendant, you will be given a drop down option to add a chain.

Can more peas be added to my Sweet Pea later on?
Unfortunately, no. Once a pod is complete it cannot be altered.

Can I see what certain colors would look like together?
Yes! Please email me at amy@mamabssweetpeas.com and I'll be happy to snap a photo or two so you can get a feel for what a combo looks like.