About Angel Peas


You may notice throughout the Mama B's website a series of pendants and earrings that have a smaller pea in them (or two, or several). Typically these represent babies and children that are in heaven. However, Angel-sized peas have been used to represent adopted children, grandchildren, preemies, etc. They can be for whatever you would like them to be for -- it's your story, after all.

The idea for Angel peas was developed when a dear friend came to me and asked if I could help her memorialize her miscarried baby in a Sweet Pea Pendant. Together we came up with the idea that the Angel's pea should be smaller, and that the wires around that bead should be slightly closed while still allowing the pea to be visible.  

The larger peas are representative of the children that a mama gets to hold and love on every day. The smaller peas are a tangible representation of the babies that a mama never got to hold, or was only able to hold for a short time.

I am so sorry if you have suffered the loss of a child. It is a tragedy no parent should ever endure. Know you are not alone. It is my great hope that Angel peas will bring some light to that darkness.